Power Asset Management is a boutique investment advisory firm focused exclusively on fixed income investing for:

  • Tax Advisors
  • Wealth Managers
  • Institutional Clients
  • Individuals & Families
  • Family Office Directors

Our single purpose allows us to concentrate solely on idea generation, credit research and execution efficiency across only one asset class. Open lines of communication directly with the portfolio manager is paramount to ensuring that the investment policy is followed at all times.

The firm’s Founder and Chief Investment Officer Mike Power has a rare perspective into the fixed income markets. With both sell side and buy side experience, Mike has a deep understanding of the nuances of bond pricing, fixed income inventories and extensive relationships with Bond Traders and Research Analysts that provide market color.

Power Asset Management was founded to provide high net worth individuals and families with personalized fixed income management, preserving and growing the foundation of their wealth. The genesis of personalized fixed income management was input which Mike Power, the company’s founder, received from principals and executives of prominent family offices. As a portfolio manager at a Los Angeles money management firm, Mike often educated and consulted with high net worth individuals, families and their advisors about the pitfalls of fixed income pricing and investing, a personal service that garnered a great deal of appreciation.

In 2003, Power Asset Management was founded to focus on providing high net worth individuals and families with solid, unbiased and objective fixed income advice and education, active portfolio management, and institutional level best execution. Unlike some multi-family offices and some broader money managers, Power Asset Management is not a “jack of all trades”– we focus exclusively on fixed income investments. Each relationship begins with an in-depth review of a client’s portfolio and investment policy, examining execution, portfolio structure, and whether the portfolio adheres to the client’s own investment policy statement.

Power Asset Management is an SEC registered investment advisor based in Century City, California. The Chief Investment Officer has more than twenty years of experience in the fixed income markets working at UBS Paine Webber, Merrill Lynch, RNC Capital Management, and Howard Capital Management.

Power Asset Management has a rare perspective on the industry, having both sell side and buy side experience, which provides the firm with in-depth knowledge of the bond pricing process.

At Power Asset Management, we pride ourselves on knowing our clients. Direct lines of communication between clients and the senior portfolio manager – the person who structures each portfolio – is what sets our firm apart from larger institutional money managers. We insist on having open lines of communication and all clients have direct access to Mike Power, the firm’s Founder and CIO.

Close relationships with clients and their advisors allow Power Asset Management to build the highest quality taxable, tax free, and blended portfolios to meet our clients’ individual needs. We focus on asset protection, maximizing after-tax and risk adjusted returns based on our view of appropriate duration positioning on the Yield Curve — simply put, Power Asset Management aims to optimally balance risk and reward to preserve wealth while generating positive returns and cash flow.

High quality tax exempt investment grade corporate and federal government fixed income investments are the foundation of clients’ asset allocation strategies and our firm works closely with our clients and their financial advisors to develop and execute individual strategies for success. Power Asset Management’s independent, boutique profile allows us to work objectively with a variety of Wall Street firms to gather current market and pricing data, find available inventories of securities that meet the needs of our clients, and reduce significant bond markups by “shopping” for the best available price afforded by the Street.

Unlike large institutions, Power Asset Management has no proprietary products to sell or conflicts of interest with large in-house inventories of securities that have to be distributed.  This ensures that our clients receive objective portfolio management with leading price execution.